How to Use Backsplash & Tint Glass to Enhance Both the Interior and the Exterior of a Building


-Every “Why & How” You Need to Know

How many times have you walked and saw this contemporary building covered in glass and it literally left you speechless? Although we mustn’t deny that the old buildings with their medieval facade tell a story of some much different times and have their own distinguishable and charming beauty, the modern buildings tend to stand out “from the crowd” in their own spectacular way.

Nowadays, not only architects tend to choose the glass as an option when it comes to the modern architecture but also on board are the interior designers who are already implementing it in every corner of both large houses and tiny apartments. Wondering why? Here are a number of reasons why glass found its way to the top in the interior design as much as in the exterior one.

Why Choose Glass?

  1. It is durable

Surely there was a time when the glass was considered as unpractical and unsafe. However, we are more than happy to inform you that time is long gone, and that chapter already closed. As we previously mentioned, glass is nowadays a commonly used material even for the construction of large buildings or remodeling old ones and for a reason. Luckily even the glass manufacturing process and technology has rapidly developed and upgraded the glass to be one of the most durable materials there is. Tempered glass is commonly seen in high skyscrapers, commercial settings, and modern houses simply because it is so strong it can withstand strong winds, all of the typical weather events blows, different impacts, and scratches.

  • It will visually enlarge space

One of the main reasons why glass is used in the high buildings that take your breath away is because glass tends to make the space visually larger and brighter. In these buildings, people usually take eight to ten hours long shifts, and I am sure we can all agree on the importance of the brightness and openness of the space. On top of this, the glass exterior in combination with glass interior such as glass walls when compared to the traditional ones tends to maximize the usage of the space inside. More and more people are able to flawlessly function on not so large area while being comfortable and having both personal offices and common areas such as conference meeting rooms.

  • It is versatile

Long gone are the days, when there was only one glass option, the clear glass panels. Today the glass comes in so many variations and colors, it is literally impossible to choose.

If you are willing to add a dose of creativity and uniqueness to the space that you live in, you might consider adding tinted glass. First time hearing this phrase? No worries, we got you covered!

What Is Tinted Glass?

Tint glass is nothing more but colored glass. Remember the cars with slightly darker windows? Exactly! Nothing complicated.

It comes in a number of variations such as bronze, grey, blue, green, super grey, and as a mirror pane. All you need is a bit of creativity and the willingness to experiment to create a truly stunning interior or exterior. Its usage will literally give another dimension and a unique appearance to any and every room in your home or office that you choose to install it into.

How To Use It Indoors?

If you are looking for a way to incorporate a bit of color in your everyday surrounding or should we say interior design, why not consider adding this type of colored glass? Subtly you will be able to put an accent on a particular area of the room. How about the idea of having a tinted glass top table? If you are having a minimalistic living room colored in white for example, just imagine the pop of color if you add a bronze tinted table top? Instead of the ordinary and traditional see-through tables, this is quite a modern and unique alternative. In addition to the table, you can even add shelves in the same color from the same material-glass. Don`t worry they will withstand the vast amount of books and picture frames you own. Durable, remember?

Colored glass can be added not only in your living room but also in the kitchen and bath area. Its versatility is almost hard to believe, and it is one of the main reasons why it has become so popular over the past years. In the kitchen area more than often you will run into the phrase Backsplash glass meaning high-quality and durable colored glass which is placed not only to be decorative but also to protect the walls from the frequent splashes of water coming from the sink or common splashes of Bolognese coming from the stove. In the bathroom area, this type of glass can be used for the redesigning the shower. Consider instilling tinted shower glass instead of the traditional clear one and witness how the entire interior design of the bath becomes ten times better. Simple yet effective!

How To Use It Outdoors?

While there are plenty of ways to use indoors and they are all great ways to enhance the value of your home and the overall interior, there is only one way to use it outdoors-installing tinted windows.

They can be seen both in plenty of new and futuristic houses and in commercial buildings. Not only it improves the overall visual look of the building, but it also makes the inside appear bigger and brighter while at the same time is more practical when compared to the traditional see-through glass (it offers more privacy).


I would be more than happy if after reading this content you`ve chosen to give it a try to this beautiful and energizing material in your home or maybe in your office. Don’t be scared to let the sunlight in your life and the best way to do this is to install these huge windows in your home or redesign your company`s building to make it more efficient and open.